Below you will find information for those seeking resident admissions for the following: Independent Living, Assisted Living, Short Term Stay (Respite Care), Skilled Nursing Long Term Stay

  1. Download and print the application for admission.
  2. If you are applying for long term stay download and print the financial application.
  3. Mail or drop off the packet to the attention of the Admissions Director.
  4. If you are applying for admission to our short term stay Rehabilitation wing ask the hospital social worker to fax all pertinent paperwork to the Admissions Director at (815) 725-1451. Paperwork should include: face sheet, history and physical, therapy notes, physicians orders or progress notes, medication list and any other pertinent care notes.
  5. Call the Admissions Director at (815) 725-6631 ext. 4113  to schedule an appointment for a tour and check room and bed availability.
  6. If you qualify for admission and OLA has a bed available please bring the following additional paperwork with you; DNR, power of attorney forms (medical and financial), Medicare and supplemental insurance cards.