Out of State Travel New Requirements

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Good Evening OLA family, residents and staff,

As many of you have heard, Illinois has instituted new screening requirements if you travel to any of their 39 listed states. If you are unvaccinated and travel to any of these states, you will need to have a PCR test done prior to working or visiting at our facility. Otherwise, if you are a visitor, we ask that you shelter in place for 10 days after returning from one of these states prior to visiting your loved one. If you have been properly vaccinated, these new requirements do not apply.

Visitation Agreement

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Click here to view OLA’s visitation agreement guidelines (page 2). Visitors will receive a copy of this agreement form to review and sign when visiting loved ones or friends. If you have questions, please contact us at 815-725-6631.

OLA’s Thanksgiving Feast – Join Us!

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OLA’s Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 28th. Join your loved one(s) on this special day and give thanks. See details below.

OLA Christmas Walk – Dec. 9th

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In the spirit of Christmas, the residents and staff at Our Lady of Angels cordially invite you to the OLA CHRISTMAS WALK.

Walk through the halls of angels, bells, snowmen, wreaths, candy canes, snowflakes and more!

Stop to admire OLA’s JOYful Memory Tree in our main lobby. With each donation to OLA this year, an ornament is dedicated in memory or in honor of a family, a loved one or a current/former resident.

Enjoy the sights of the season and share some coffee, cookies and hot chocolate with family and friends.

May the joy and blessings of Christmas remain in your heart throughout the year!